Tom Houggard

Firstly, Thanks because i had the perfect day yesterday! While I was on the golf course (getting my best score ever of 88!) I logged onto my Blackberry to see I was up £4380.00 on my ftse bull position, which is fantastic’
Nigel W – that is Nigel below!

“Woooo Hooooo… Well played I picked up 75 points”

“You are a genius!!”

“In life we just plod along living a hand to mouth existence and all of a sudden some one or something comes into your life and completely changes it for ever, that some one is you and I count myself a very lucky person to be dealing with you. You have given me hope and the courage to earn an enormous amount of cash.
Thanks a million.
Warmest Regards.

“I took your tip on board today and I have just earned £560 profit on the 50/50 tunnel. Many thanks!”
N Mugo

Hi John,
“it was my first trade yesterday and I managed to get in at 78 for £4. to make £395 on my first trade.”

“I am not sure whether you pick up emails top you personally but I starting subscribing to your daily emails back in January. I am not a big player but started with £7,500 on IG index in Mid January and have just closed all my positions today prior to going on holiday for 4 weeks, with a balance of £34,045. In a big part thanks to your daily reports. Worth the subscription I think it is fair to say !!

Keep up the good work. As you say its all about acknowledging where we are and preparing to make profit in any economic climate. Best wishes”
David Pocock

“I just went for the “down over 50 points” bet on Capital Spreads, bought it at 15 and it’s already at 72! How do you do this?
Amazing! Thanks”

“Hi, Just wanted to tell you that from the first email I received from you on Wednesday. I made over GBP 656.20 in less than 1.5 hours! This was very exciting. I look forward to the next 12 months!”
Juan Bird

John – this has been a phenomenally good call and a great ride down! I hope the rest of your flock have had as much fun and profit as I enjoyed on this slide.
Stephen Nelson

“Interesting experience in a volatile month! Only 12 trades – 3 losers 9 winners. Biggest frustration is seeing so many opportunities and not having been around to take them. Still, made £6k on those trades, so at least I covered the cost of the course! ”

“I was thoroughly amazed when i read it (TWTT) the first time…”

“the 55 steps can send a chill down the spine of any surviving trader with the nostalgia of his/her journey! u have honestly and brutally poured it all out in those 55 steps. i was thoroughly amazed when i read it the first time. it will keep on inspiring many strugglers.” Jagmohan

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