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From: John Piper

Dear Fellow Trader,

If the idea of making money as a “stay-at-home” financial trader appeals to you… but… you’re scared stiff of losing more money than you can afford… then this letter will show you how to avoid that based on my positive experiences in the financial markets for the past 25+ years.

And how you can trade successfully… with no paralysing fear… starting from NOW!

Here’s the story:

My name is John Piper. I’m an “in-the-trenches” financial trader with over 25+ years of profitable trading under my belt. I’m the author of a number of best-selling trading books (including The Way To Trade, The Fortune Strategy, Binary Trading, and, of course Financial Cataclysm NOW!). I also head up a ”major league” financial trading newsletter (The Technical Trader).

My books and newsletters are devoured with almost religious zest by a vast spectrum of people around the globe – including high-flying corporate traders, daredevil entrepreneurs, “9-to-5’ers” and even University students. And even though my personal consulting fees can run into thousands per month…

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