Connect with a recruiter

Atlantic Canada 

Jenny Breen

Territory: Western NB, PEI
Email: ket qua bong 88 jenny.breen@ ket qua bong 88

Scott Carter

Territory: Nova Scotia
Email: scarter@ ket qua bong 88

Stephanie Doucette

Territory: Central & Eastern NB, Newfoundland & Labrador
Email: s.doucette@ ket qua bong 88

Anthony Enman

Territory: Southeastern & Northern NB
Email: anthony.enman@ ket qua bong 88

Meghan Hayes

Territory: Southeastern NB, South Shore NS
Email: meghan.hayes@ ket qua bong 88

Central & Western Canada

Joni Dunnett

Territory: Greater Toronto Area
Email: j.dunnett@ ket qua bong 88

Michelle Levesque

Territory: Ottawa Area
Email: michelle.levesque@ ket qua bong 88

Amy Wainright

Territory: Greater Toronto Area & Western Canada
Email: amy.wainright@ ket qua bong 88

Transfer students

Graduate students

International students

Christopher Beardsworth

Territory: Continental Europe
Email: beardswo@ ket qua bong 88

Cui Can (Cici)

Territory: China
Email: cui.can@ ket qua bong 88

Andrew Dunphy

Territory: South East Asia
Email: adunphy@ ket qua bong 88

Stephanie Lord

Territory: The Americas
Email: stephanie.lord@ ket qua bong 88

Jennifer Waldschutz

Territory: India, Africa and the Middle East
Email: jennwald@ ket qua bong 88

Not sure who to contact?

Send us an email to chooseunb@ ket qua bong 88 and we'll help you.